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Keywords:  methodological synthesis, meta-analysis, meta-analytic methods, sampling, replication, data re-analysis, simulation, SLA-assessment interface, quantitative data analysis, study quality, open science, methodological reform, reporting practices, research ethics, methodological literacy and training

Second Language Research Corpus (L2RC): This corpus is comprised of approximately 22,000 articles from 22 journals that primarily publish L2 research (~147M words). The corpus is currently being used to extract methodological features (e.g., sample demographics, statistical analyses and point estimates, validity evidence) to describe the field overall and over time.

Coffee & Cronbach
Coffee & Cronbach is a club (advisors: Jesse Egbert, Luke Plonsky) that has been meeting on monthly basis (since 2011) to discuss methodological issues relevant to applied linguistics research. Recent topics include probability and the handling of outliers. All are welcome!



Current Research Assistants
Ekaterina Sudina (Spring 2019-present)
Yuhang Hu (Fall 2019-present)

Current collaborators
Jennifer Behney (Youngstown State University)
Jesse Egbert (NAU)
Sue Gass (Michigan State)
Hessam Ghanbar (Islamic Azad University)
Dan Isbell (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo)
Tove Larsson (Uppsala University)
Bradford Lee (Fukui University of Technology)
Shawn Loewen (Michigan State)
Alison Mackey (Georgetown)
Todd McKay (St. George’s University)
Atsushi Mizumoto (Kansai University)
Chris Nicklin (Temple University Japan)
John Norris (ETS)
Reza Norouzian (Texas A&M)
Kazuya Saito (University College London)
Yasser Teimouri (Georgetown)

Former Research Assistants and Interns
Kate Yaw (Spring-Summer 2019)
Zachary Kramer (Fall 2018- Spring 2019)
Daniel Keller (Summer 2018)
Yasser Teimouri (2016-2018)
Kirsty Brian (Spring 2016)
Dan Brown (2013-2014 AY, Fall 2015)
Deirdre Derrick (Summer 2014, 2014-2015 AY)
Alexander Gerber (Fall 2013)
Natalie Ferguson (Fall 2013)
Anna Gates Tapia (Summer 2013)
Asif Qureshi (2012-2013 AY)
Kaiyla Darmer (Spring 2013, Fall 2013)
Tingting Kang (2011-2012)
Kaytlin Moore (Spring/Summer 2011)
Cassandra Shanbaum (Spring 2010)
Allison Dovi (Spring 2010)